Act of Confidence in God

  Confidence in God Saint Claude de la Colombière . We realize that we are not in charge. It is very apparent to us when our adult children and loved ones make choices and walk paths that are not faithful to the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, God Read More

Let’s have a grown-up conversation about one’s conscience

  First in a series on an essential, often misunderstood element of the moral life, Father Robert McTeigue discusses how a well defined conscience influences one’s morals. . TRUE OR FALSE: “Let your conscience be your guide.” In school we were taught that if asked a true-or-false question, if the Read More


  MARY, LADY OF FATIMA, MOTHER OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD, I entrust myself to you and through you to Jesus. With full awareness and here in the presence of all the heavenly court, I renew the promises made in holy Baptism. I renew the resolution, which I place in your Read More

Coming Down from the Mountain

  Below is an extremely relevant talk given by Father Donald Timone and is worth sharing on this website.  You can access it on YouTube below     Or from the Courage International website below.  Click on the title for access.   Coming Down from the Mountain       Read More


  Today’s post curtesy of Bishop Robert Barron     HOLY SATURDAY MATTHEW 28:1-10 . Friends, on this Holy Saturday our Gospel we hear St. Matthew’s account of the resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the be-all and end-all of the Christian faith. If Jesus didn’t rise Read More

Why Should I feel bad?

  Why Should I feel bad? As a mother of a child with same sex attraction I often feel ‘bad and sad’. Sad, full of regrets about my actions in the past; and sad, full of anxieties about my child’s future both in this life and especially for the next. Read More


  James 5:16, 19-20 Declare your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may find healing. The fervent petition of a holy man is powerful indeed. My brothers, the case may arise among you of someone straying from the truth, and of another bringing him back. Read More

Remember we ARE God’s servants

  Today’s reflection from Bishop Robert Barron certainly sheds light on the journey for every parent who deals with a loved one with Same-Sex -Attraction.  He really identifies the mission of EnCourage, especially me as a Deacon and others in a similar position, when he tells us that we cannot only Read More


    The above picture encompasses many conversations we have had over the past few years.  As parents we need to continually strive to  reinforce our own spiritual well being through prayer and devotion to God before being able to reach out to help other especially our own children.  Let Read More