Dolan: Pope’s reported remarks to gay man, while ‘beautiful,’ could require clarification  

This comes on the heals of a third hand report of a private conversation between Pope Francis and a Chilean man with same sex attraction where the Pope seeks to console and apologize on behalf of the Church.  

Many of us who have children or relatives in a homosexual lifestyle but are faithful to the orthodox teachings of Catholicism were disappointed with the Pope’s alleged remarks.  


Now, perhaps the most visible Catholic leader not living in Rome offered up his perspective of this incident:  The Archbishop of New York said Tuesday that while some recent comments about homosexuality attributed to Pope Francis are “orthodox teaching,” the pope’s reported remarks could require clarification.


This is exactly the verbiage we need to hear as both devoted followers of Christ (and the archdiocese of NY) and steadfast believers in Its true teachings.  His Eminence’s words are a breath of fresh air to us.


Cardinal Timothy Dolan supported the pope’s recent affirmation of God’s love for a gay man with whom the pontiff visited in Rome, saying: “Jesus would have said that, and so would I. That’s conservative, traditional, Catholic, orthodox teaching. The ‘Catechism’ insists on that.” Hovering over that quote is a huge…




And this is what we all held our breath for, hoping the Big Guy would elaborate on his thoughts. Dolan continued “While any sexual expression outside of a man and woman in marriage is contrary to God’s purpose, so is not treating anyone, including a gay person, with anything less than dignity and respect,” 


Ok, that comment was expected, warranted and necessary.  We should be ashamed if we don’t practice that sentiment ourselves.  


Being our good Shepard, the “Pope of America” used these words from the grapevine to teach us further. “Is one born that way, or is it – is it nature or nurture?… I don’t think the Holy Father would feel competent to speak on that.”


And that is the crux of the issue.  We, in our human nature, jumped to a conclusion that the Pope either misspoke or worse, was changing Catholic teaching. Leave it to Cardinal Dolan to guide us to a merciful and understanding place.  He broke it down simply, saying ”the pope’s reported remarks were third hand: what the pope said to him, he said to the press, so one would want to get a clarification.”


He finished by adding his has no reason to doubt the honesty of the Chilean man but his remarks are qualified by “a little bit of ‘wait and see’” adding “let’s find out exactly what the Holy Father said.”


Now that directive is how we should all consider what happened between the Pope and the man.  And perhaps, respect the Pope’s private words as they were intended, PRIVATE even if others did not respect that intention.





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