Young woman with SSA writes to the Synod

Young woman with same-sex attraction writes a letter to the Synod — and it’s beautiful

Avera Maria Santo is a 22-year-old U.S. Catholic who lives in Alabama and blogs at her website, Inside My Holy of Holies, about being same-sex-attracted and remaining faithful to the goodness, truth and beauty of what the Church teaches about human sexuality. ( click arrow to continue)

Alvera Maria Santo:

In an open letter circulated in Rome to the bishops participating in the Oct. 3-28 youth synod, Santo told them she had been “devastated” to learn of the ongoing campaign by pro-“LGBT” groups that are trying to utilize the synod as a vehicle to shift Church teaching on homosexuality.


Consequently, she said, “I wish then to lay my heart bare, and to share some of my story and my convictions with you, dear bishops of the Holy Catholic Church, and plead with you to keep the Church’s teachings on homosexuality good, true and beautiful.”  


She writes, in part:

Recently, I came across a quote from Abbot Jean-Charles Nault, O.S.B. that spoke a great deal of truth to me.

It read:

“For the philosophers of antiquity, and for the whole Christian Tradition, freedom is the ability that man has — an ability belonging jointly to his intellect and will — to perform virtuous actions, good actions, excellent actions, when he wants and as he wants. Man’s freedom is, therefore, his capacity to accomplish good acts easily, joyously and lastingly. This freedom is defined by the attraction of the good.”


Time and time again, we will hear phrases such as “I just want the freedom to love whomever I want” from those within the “LGBTQ” community. This desire is an inherently good one, when it is rightly ordered.

Man is only truly free when he can choose to do as he ought, not simply as he wants, for the things that we may want aren’t always good for us.

Read it all.   And check out her blog for more.

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