Here’s something to really think about today for all of us with family members with Same-Sex Attraction.  Of course we need to have hopes and dreams, especially for our children.  Yet, even more important than wishing is showing. We need to walk the walk.  If we want the best for them,  then we have to show our best.  We need to lead them to our lord and Savior then we must show how it is done as best we can.  If we are not examples to follow then we have no right to expect anything from our kids.  


With that in mind, St Ambrose certainly removes any ambiguity in his words and deeds.  It does not get more succinct that his statement below:


If you are living according to God’s will, if you’re living according to your baptismal promises, if you are going to confession when you fall into sin, if you are receiving the Eucharist on a regular basis, if you are trying with all your might and strength to live a moral life, if you are truly striving to love God and neighbor, if you are praying everyday especially calling upon Our Lady’s intercession, then you have absolutely nothing to fear.  


Just to put the exclamation point on this, St. Augustine offers a second verification to help us toward the truth.


“Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you.”
-St. Augustine

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