So often we dwell in the past regretting things we ‘did’ or ‘did not’ do with or say to our children.  So often we dream of the future fantasizing what could be ‘if only’ or ‘if not’.

This year our prayer for all our Friends in Christ is to live in the present. To Be with Christ and enjoy the many fruits of the holy Trinity:  God the father may He love us in the now; God the Son may he help us in the now; and God the Holy Spirit may He lead us in the now.

God bless you and yours in this upcoming year!

With that said, Peter Kreeft just seems to have a way with words….

Only in the present can you act. Only in the present can you choose to open the prison gates of past and future. Only in the present can you change your future, and even the meaning of your past, as the Good Thief did. Only in the present can you meet God. Only in the present can you be holy. – PETER KREEFT from HOW TO BE HOLY

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