The Wise Men set out on a journey following the signs and wonders that pointed them to the birth of a King. They are Gentile leaders, following the signs of other religious traditions. They do not know exactly for whom they are looking, but they set out in trust. When they seek more information from Herod, they are led in the right direction and set up to do harm to the One they seek. After paying Jesus homage, they are warned in a dream not to return to Herod, so they go home by another way.

We have so many opportunities to seek good information as we trust in God’s plan, and as many opportunities to protect and honor others. Whether supporting a young woman through an unplanned pregnancy, understanding and loving a family member with SSA while holding true to authentic Catholic teaching or sharing our gifts with those who have less than we have or preventing human trafficking, we can live like the Wise Men, bringing gifts and preventing harm by the way we live.

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