You don’t ever know if you’re going to get there. But you got to keep following the course. You gotta have faith. You gotta have faith that sometimes is blind and you just keep holding on and you keep moving forward”   Jon Scharfenberger -SFLA

Oh my, how amazingly poignant his words are. And the width and breath of the spectrum they encompass. These words may have been targeted to audiences for STUDENTS FOF LIFE AMERICA, but how they resonate with me as I follow the path laid out before me.

Us parents of children with Same-Sex Attraction feel just like the opening sentence. Well, after the self doubt, the second guessing, the shame we feel. So yes, we do have insecurities especially when truly following authentic Catholic doctrine while being criticized by family and friends who choose to ”go with the flow”

How amazing is it that a twenty-two year old’s wisdom can help along this journey of ours. We need to renew and reinvigorate our resolve to be the best parent to our children no matter how hard, knowing the results of our efforts may not be our reward. We must persevere anyway.

A grieving mom tells us that :

“True healing from grief/trauma can only happen when we learn to “walk with the pain”.

And …

“It’s ok to fall and cry while we are carrying the cross. After all Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ showed us how to get up and move forward to our destination with courage, love, forgiveness and the strength which He alone gives us. “

So, with the dawn of a new year and a fresh start, let us take the words of a 22 year old saint, to follow Christ wholeheartedly even when the only reason to is because of our deep rooted faith. Sure we will stumble along this journey just like Peter, but also like Peter, we must reach out to our Lord to lend his heavenly hand to guide us.

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