Finding comfort in the Sacred Heart

Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”Again he bent down and wrote on the ground.And in response, they went away one by one,beginning with the elders.So he was left alone with the woman before him.Then Jesus straightened up and said to her,“Woman, where are they?tHas no one condemned you?”She replied, “No one, sir.”

  “In a culture that confuses love with moral relativism, many people have difficulties with the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. “We should just love people,” they say. 

We need to approach this topic with compassion and clarity, showing how the Church’s teaching on this topic is all about love. We are made from love, by love, and for love. And if we want to love the people in our lives, we must share this truth with them so they can experience the authentic, lasting love for which God made them.” 

Any spiritual growth must originate with the acceptance of the reality of your present situation.  Each and every one of us

The Ultimate message came  from Jesus when he said“come follow me”

He also says “you are forgiven”. But also says “and sin no more”

The question then becomes. Where do we go from here?

The heart of the Gospel message is God’s love for sinners. St. John writes in his Gospel “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.”  (John 3, 16). Jesus Christ, the Incarnate God, is the manifestation of the love of God. Jesus reminds us that God loves us with a heart that is both human and divine. Pope Leo XIII said “There is in the Sacred Heart the symbol and express image of the infinite love of Jesus Christ which moves us to love in return.”

Persons who struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA) are often falsely told by society that the Church rejects them. Because of this confusion, many bear a great resentment against the Church, but Jesus and his Church never reject a repentant sinner. No one who calls on Christ for mercy and repents of his sin will be lost. The doors of the Church are always open to the repentant sinner.

In our times, same-sex advocates with powerful voices consistently encourage and celebrate homosexual attraction as normal, acceptable, and even as a special gift. Further, some contemporaries insist that persons are born with different sexual inclinations, therefore, society must accept and celebrate those differences.

Such attitudes are not truly helpful to those who suffer from SSA because they deny certain facts of human nature and the Commandments of God, which are not given to us to stifle our pleasure, but that we might have life and have it to the fullest

The Heart of Jesus is especially moved by those who suffer in any way — be it mentally, physically or spiritually. Certainly, those who strive to lead chaste lives, but struggle with SSA bear a difficult cross and deserve our sympathy; however, this sympathy will be misguided if it leads to condoning their  actions .

Love does not condone sin; it firmly but gently draws the sinner to repentance.

We should also encourage devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which reminds sinners of God’s never failing personal love for them. A person who truly falls in love with Jesus Christ will never want to hurt him by committing a serious sin. Mother Teresa said “Sins against chastity and charity are directly wounding the the Heart of Jesus.”

The tried and true remedy to any sin will be found in the power of prayer and the sacraments, especially the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist. We can never fully resist sin through our own power alone , dzbut with the grace of God we can live holy and grace-filled lives as HE intended.  Remember the words Jesus gave us:  Amen, I say to you, what you do for one of these who suffer you do it for me.’

God bless you!

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