We  are fresh off PRIDE MONTH, in which the intention was to fight for those in the gay community to get a fair shake in life.  As my friend Karl says, a worthy goal.  


Unfortunately, what the original intention and goal blossomed into a menagerie of threats, bullying and overall lack of civility.   I have spent s month being told that holding onto my Catholic beliefs taught by Jesus Christ through the Gospel makes me a uncompromising bigot.


I, for one, am glad the month of June is over.  The rainbows should begin to fade from all advertising, safely tucked away until next year.  The obscene displays of gay fights should minimize allowing life to return to a somewhat normalcy.


To the Catholic, it means being the same as they were in May and will be in July.  It means being a living, caring person who treats each person as they want to be treated.   It means aspiring to live as Christ did.


But for some, that is not good enough.  They must interpret and rewrite history and the Bible.  Bishop Robert Barron discusses one such instance in the video below.  Tolerance or personal agenda?


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