THIRD WAY: A Must Watch for ALL Catholics

The Third Way is a position akin to centrism that tries to reconcile right-wing and left-wing politics by advocating a varying synthesis of some centre-right and centrist economic and some centre-left social policies.


When speaking to religious Christians, there are historically two camps basically: There are those that say you’re going to Hell; God hates homosexuals. And then there are people who say over on this extreme, ‘Oh, you can just live an active gay life, God loves everybody. It’s okay.’


But there’s another camp. The Catholic church puts forth a third way to treat every person, but in this case, particularly persons with same-sex attraction, to be able to say we do not in any way hate or condemn or fear or want to isolate you. At the same time, we can’t embrace everything that you choose. So we’re gonna choose this third way, and that way is love. We are gonna love you.


Below is a wonderful film that expressed this point exceptionally.  Please give it a view. 



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