SAINT PETER CHRYSOLOGUS: The Essence of Human Beings


Saint Peter Chrysologus was given the title “Chrysologus” (Greek for “Golden Word”) on account of his magnificent preaching. For Saint Peter Chrysologus, quality not quantity was the key to great preaching. I’ve included two excerpts  from  his most famous sermons below – a sermon that shows how Saint Peter Chrysologus packed doctrinal quality and eloquence into a sermon.


Through his sermons, he awakened in the hearts of the faithful a deeper awareness of the mystery of God-become-man: “By the fact that he assumes a human nature, acts the part of man, enters into the centuries, passes through the periods of life, teaches by word, works cures by his power, tells parables, gives examples, and manifests in himself the burden of our emotions—by all this he reveals that he has an indescribable affection of human love.”


A Doctor of the Catholic Church, St. Peter celebrates the human body and its many benefits and all that God has created for us.  His words are inspiring and hit the mark perfectly in expressing Gods love for us 

O man, why do you think so little of yourself when God thinks so highly of you? Why dishonor yourself when God so honors you? Why be so concerned with the stuff from which you are made and so little with the purpose for which you are made? All visible creation is your home. For you the light dispels the darkness; for you the sun, moon, and stars shed their light; for you the earth bears flowers and trees and fruits; for you the air and the earth and water are filled with marvelous life—all so that earthly life may not be sad and make you blind to the joy of eternity.”


St. Peter Chrysologus, pray for us!

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