The sainthood cause of Wisconsin-born Father Solanus Casey (1870-1957), a Capuchin priest and doorkeeper at Franciscan friaries in New York and Detroit, has advanced to the beatification stage after Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to his intercession. Father Casey is pictured in an undated image. (CNS photo) See POPE-SAINTS May 4, 2017.


Sometimes it is the meek who become the great!  This is how I view  Blessed Solanus Casey, a Wise man who did not let his earthy constraints define who he was, and that being SERVANT OF GOD!  Here are some of his wisdom:


Have faith in God, shake off excessive worry, and thank God ahead of time!” — Blessed Solanus Casey


My dear friends, what are any or all of these such petty sciences when the one great science of all times and all generations comes in question, the science of religion, the science of our relationship with God and our neighbor? No other science, in the end, amounts to the snap of one’s finger, but for time and eternity, like the science of religion, fills the individual and society with hope, awe, both the very soul of happiness in this world, this side of heaven.

– Bl. Solanus Casey


Fr. Solanus was an object and logo of reform because he led a devout, holy, and believing life. Part of our problems right now is that we’re not very devout. We’re rather lackadaisical and casual with religious things. He was also extremely dedicated and we are led by psychology into thinking that we have to be self-actualized in everything we do. He gave himself away; we try to improve ourselves. He was a man of great, great faith, and we live in a time of skepticism, when the verity and credibility of the Scriptures is even undermined. And this man is a marvelous example of faith, hope, and charity to a heroic degree, of patience and trust in God to a heroic degree. And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he was a saint the day he died.

– Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR

Father Solanus Casey was a simple doorkeeper who always had time and words of wisdom for those who visited his friary. The Wisconsin native was as comfortable in the soup kitchen as he was playing ball with family; an ordinary person living an extraordinary life of faith.


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