Our mission together as disciples of Jesus Christ is the salvation of every human person from our sins and doing that justice which brings mercy and healing to all wounded by sin.



Just as parents love their children for themselves, regardless of where or with whom they are in their lives, Christian faith proclaims that every person is endowed by God with an inviolable dignity and, therefore, deserves our unconditional respect and love.



Turning to our Lord, Jesus Christ, is always the way to salvation for everyone, regardless of how one experiences his or her sexual feelings or orientation.



Jesus always accepts us as we are — but, like any true friend, He never just leaves us where we are. He also says, “Follow Me.”



Our faith teaches us that Jesus is the primary relationship in our life. Even Christian married people are invited to make Jesus the center of their lives — not each other. It is being rooted in Christ that gives their relationship with each other the lifelong stability that it needs.


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