Good Friday? No, the BEST Friday!


Good Friday, the day of the cross. The day our Savior gave Himself so we could have eternal life. What a brutal and barbaric way to suffer. Kinda gives me pause of just how great humanity (including me!) has sinned against the Father. It’s not just a cross, it’s HIS Cross


I must admit I am not a constant viewer of EWTN but will watch at certain times, especially if there is a great homilist praying the Mass.  After the conclusion of Mass one day this week, I caught a reflection by the late great Fr. Benedict Groeschel.  In it he speaks of a youngish mother who was distraught with grief over losing her young child.  She is quoted as saying “if you gathered all the crosses in the world together this cross of losing my child I would never choose”. How poignant and so sad. 

Now the same could be said for parents who have children experiencing same sex attraction.  Ask any of us, we would say the same thing, that we would not ever choose this cross.  Not for us and certainly not for our child.  Yet, putting it in perspective, our cross pales in comparison to that mother.  We still have our child.  We have opportunity to reunite with them if we are estranged.  We have more time try to help the, and pray, our secret weapon!

So next time we bemoan our cross, remember we still can do something to lighten our burden.  God have allowed us time and opportunity.  We have the gift of our loved one still with us.  We have it because of the willingness of our Lord to bear His Cross for us!


God Bless and Happy Easter!

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