Saint John Bosco sums up for us what should be our mantra in these troubling times.  Every time you pick up a newspaper, scroll through electronic news or watch television, everything a good Catholic stands for is ridiculed and painted as antiquated, bordering intolerance.


Yet, to a person, Catholics are the most compassionate people around.  They love, serve and help when others run away.  Case in point, when the AIDS epidemic hit with fury, it was the Catholic  hospitals who cared for the infected.  It was the kindness of the staff, made up of nuns and priests and nurses and doctors who, if not actually Catholics, adhered to the Catholic morals and helped.


Now every day  when living our faith as best we can, those erroneously threatened by it, try to do everything they can to extinguish our faith inspired zeal.  Where we try to find common ground and heartfelt understanding while holding high our Catholic foundation.  This is seen as a threat and something needing to be extinguished.  Just listen to the politicians or see what is being allowed into our tax funded public schools.


Which leads us back to the great Don Bosco.  We must stand on our own foundation of faith.  We must rely on that to persevere despite the unjustified rhetoric spewed by those seeking glory for themselves.


Glory is for God alone!  Be brave and show it!















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