Today is the feast day of St. Pope Pius X.  What resonated most with me from his impressive his work is his stance against MODERNISM.  He called  it a modern day heresy.  It speaks to what we in EnCourage face as we try to live our lives by our Catholic Faith.  The Good Pope’s words are inspiring as we continue to fight the good fight.

In a Catholic context, Modernism  refers to a number of individual attempts to reconcile Roman Catholicism with modern culture; specifically an understanding of scripture in light of scientific advances in archeology, philology, the historical-critical method and other new developments of the late 19th and early 20th centuries—and implicitly all that this might entail.

Today  I had the great pleasure to witness an outstanding homily detailing this issue along with the great achievements of today’s saint whom tends to get lost in the shuffle.  Yet, as providence reveals, his words are the truth and very much relevant to all of us today.

Here is the audio of Father Connolly’s sermon.  Give it a listen, I am sure you will find it very enlightening.  

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