The superior general of the Society of Jesus said Aug. 21 that the devil is a symbol, but not a person. The devil, “exists as the personification of evil in different structures, but not in persons, because is not a person, is a way of acting evil. He is not a person like a human person. It is a way of evil to be present in human life,” said Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ. 

The Catechism of the Catholic teaches that“Satan was at first a good angel, made by God: ‘The devil and the other demons were indeed created naturally good by God, but they became evil by their own doing.’”

Angels, the Catechism says, are “spiritual, non-corporeal beings.”

They are personal and immortal creatures,” it adds, who “have intelligence and will.”

This week we celebrated the feast day of St. Pope Pius X.  What resonated most with me from his impressive his work is his stance against MODERNISM.  He called  it the synthesis of all modern heresies.  It speaks to what we in face as we try to live our lives by our Catholic Faith.  It remains the greatest threat to our immortal souls.  The Good Pope’s words are inspiring as we continue to fight the good fight.  

In a Catholic context, Modernism  refers to a number of individual attempts to reconcile Roman Catholicism with modern culture; specifically an understanding of scripture in light of scientific advances in archeology, philology, the historical-critical method and other new developments of the late 19th and early 20th centuries—and implicitly all that this might entail.

What makes this such a threat is, unlike other heresies which take place outside of the church, this one is rooted within the church.  It is a very alluring heresy and one easy to fall into.  Modernists remain in the church under false pretenses with the belief they can modify the Catholic Church teachings to adapt to modern society.  

There mantra is the church must change with the times.  We see this with several recently appointed cardinals and as with the opening of this, one very outspoken Jesuit.   No longer is man made in the image of God, but God is reshaped and re-imaged into what man perceived him to be according to current perceptions.

The truths of our Catholic Faith, set up by Jesus Himself and propagated by the Saints proves one absolute thing that Catholicism does not change with the world, but seeks to change the world.  To help us becomes better people, to strive to Heaven.

May we be faithful to the teachings of the church.  After all, JESUS CHRIST is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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