This Pope speaks to the marginalized like me!



When I first heard this declaration I thought, Pope Francis is speaking the poor, those in prison and those in need, the handicapped, abandoned, refugees and so on.

I did not realize until the most recent encyclical on the family that I, the mother of a child who experiences same sex attraction, is among “the marginalized” whom Pope Francis wants to reach. I feel like yelling at the top of my lungs,
“Thank God, now Holy Mother Church may take a more active
role in helping those like me.”

Many of us wounded healers who work in the vineyard of the same-sex ministries through EnCourage and Courage have felt marginalized within society and sadly within the Church’s family.

Granted, Holy Mother Church does not abandon us, but she has only offered a few kind words, where we her hurt children desire a warm and hearty hug. Hopefully, this encyclical is just a first step.

EnCourage and Courage should be active ministries in every diocese. There is much confusion and sadness surrounding same sex attraction and the Church’s beautiful and compassionate teachings. We need to reach out to bring closer to Christ’s love and healing to those with same sex attraction and their loved ones.

May God continue to bless Pope Francis and may we, the body of Christ, now armed with the exhortations of this new encyclical, reach out and help the marginalized, the poor, the sick and, yes, those who like me who have family members who experience same sex attraction.

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