I came came across this absolutely wonderful interpretation of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary as we pray for those who are burdened with Same-Sex Attraction.  Join us, if you can, in this powerful prayer.




I The Agony in the Garden

Oh Jesus, during your agony in the garden, your Heart was filled with sorrow to the point of death, look kindly upon all the men and women, the girls and boys with Same Sex Attraction, and upon parents, families and friends, who suffer great agonies of the mind and spirit because of this affliction. Bring them Courage to live in your Truth and consolation in all their sorrows.





II The Scourging at the Pillar

Oh Jesus, You were brutally scourged at the pillar, crushed with blow after blow upon your innocent flesh until You were flayed beyond recognition fulfilling the words of Isaiah, “I am a worm and no man.” Look with great pity now upon your children, who bear the scourges of SSA and their families. Do not consider what we truly deserve, but in your Mercy, heal us by your stripes.




III The Crowning with Thorns

Oh sweet Jesus, our beloved King, in your passion You were crowned not with every precious jewel of our hearts but instead with cruel, long and sharp thorns thrust into your Sacred Head. You were covered not with our deepest devotion and gratitude but instead You were draped in derision and overwhelmed with affronts and outrages. Sweet Jesus, forgive us our sins and look with an abundance of Mercy on the remorse that is borne by all those with SSA and their families, the failings we bring upon ourselves and contriteness poured on them by others and society. Oh stand before us Jesus, that we may “Behold the Man” and by your crowning of thorns follow You always.



IV The Carrying of the Cross

Oh Jesus, You carried the cross laden with our sins and the sins of the world. Crushed under its weight your innocent body fell numerous times and each time You struggled to your feet to carry on the work of our salvation. You allowed that you would meet your sorrowful mother and behold her tears. Look now upon all who bear the cross of SSA either directly or for a loved one. See their struggle and pain under so heavy a load! Look with pity upon their sorrowing hearts as You looked upon your own Mother’s tears. Grant that by your perfect and incalculable suffering, we may find our yoke easy and our burden light as we follow you to Calvary.




V The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord upon the Cross

Oh Jesus, our Savior and King, You willingly laid upon the wood of the cross and were fastened there with the nails of our mortal sins. You were stretched out beyond the limits of imagination that your arms might embrace us. You hung in complete agony thirsting for our souls and our love. You cried out from your depths that you were abandoned by God, and still You thought of us and bled for us to the very last drop. Oh great, unbounded and merciful pain, look now upon all of those who suffer immensely with the burdens of SSA, their feelings of abandonment, confusion, and guilt. Embrace us sweet Jesus as You draw us so close that we hang upon the cross with You and there may we hide in Your wounds, be covered by your Precious Blood, and be forever yours. 



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