For the past month or do, a big uproar erupted over a relatively short book, a mere 160 pages long to be exact.   Why,  you Ask?  Because a secularity popular Jesuit jumped on the bandwagon and  securely attached himself to the apron strings of one of the worst tragedies of our times, the horrific shootings at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida that gays frequented.  Fr. James Martin S.J.  posted a video on Facebook that went viral condemning this tragedy so he parlayed that fame into another bestselling book.  The book naturally played well to the liberal media and politicians especially since he chose to bastardize his Catholic faith.


It seems that Father Gerald Murray had a need to see what all the uproar was about.  Fr. Murray, once again, not only defended our Catholic faith explicitly but did it in a brilliant, intelligent and informed way.


The first point that caught my attention was his questioning of the usage of the word community as it pertains to LGBT identifiers.

What is the “LGBT community”? This acronym describes three groups of people: those who engage in, or feel drawn to engage in, homosexual activity .  Is this, in fact, a community? Not really.  This is a lumping together of those who reject the natural order of human sexuality in different ways, and who thus share a common interest in seeing that laws and societal norms and customs that support that natural order be proscribed.”

Fr. Murray’s next point is very poignant “Father Martin’s book has practically nothing to say about bisexuals and transsexuals/transgendered persons. His book is about homosexual persons, and more specifically about Catholic homosexuals. Yet even this category of persons is not fully treated. Father Martin writes about Catholic homosexuals who embrace the “gay identity.” He ignores completely those Catholics who experience same-sex attraction and do not positively embrace this as their identity.”


He never once mentions Courage, a Catholic apostolate founded in 1980 by Cardinal Terence Cooke and entrusted to the direction of the late Father John Harvey.”


Just to make sure we do not misunderstand the fine priest from New York, he takes extreme exception to the ending of the book, especially the Jesuit’s ‘A Prayer for When I Feel Rejected’.  Fr. Gerald Murray takes no prisoners with his opinion on this prose “Here we have the danger posed by this book: Father Martin puts forth the notion that the Church has misunderstood God’s plan for human sexuality for her entire history and that she must now switch to a new teaching, namely that the union of man and woman in marital love is not the only path for the true and good expression of human sexuality.”


I, for one, am so appreciative of Fr. Gerry’s vocation and his fierce defense of our faith in the face of popular objection.  God bless you Father Murray!

the full article can be found on Fr.Gerald Murray’s Facebook page or at At

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