I used to love to joke around about this quote. I cannot even count how often have I said “do as I say not as I do?”  Little did I know that is exactly what Jesus meant!


Today we hear Jesus call out the chief priests and Pharisees.  As HE travels throughout Judea, The Son of God confronts opposition to the truth because it makes the current religious leaders very uncomfortable as it adversely affects their current lifestyle which they are loathe to give up.  But Our Lord only speaks the truth despite knowing the impending consequences.  Can we do the same as we speak the truth regarding to Catholic teachings regarding same-sex attraction?

Bishop Robert Barron has a wonderful reflection regarding this gospel passage.  I’d like to share it here:

“Some years ago, when I was rector of Mundelein Seminary, Cardinal Francis George spoke to the students. He told them that he was proud of their devotion to the teaching of the Church, especially in the area of morality. But then he added something that I will never forget. He said, “You cannot simply drop the truth on people and then walk away, convinced that you’ve done your duty. Rather, once you tell your people the truth, you must be committed to helping them integrate that truth into their lives.”

The cardinal was repeating for our time what Jesus said regarding the official religious teachers of his day. The scribes and the Pharisees, he explained, legitimately occupy the teaching chair of Moses, and therefore their doctrine is correct. However, they tie up heavy burdens hard to carry and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they will not lift a finger to move them. In other words, they are generous in sharing the truth, but ungenerous in sharing their love.

A professor of mine, many years ago, made much the same point when he commented that we should be willing to criticize others for their moral behavior precisely in the measure that we are willing to help them deal with the problem that we’ve identified. Here is the bottom line: if you have no interest in walking with a fellow sinner, you should keep your criticisms to yourself.”

So our mission, as true followers of Christ, is to do as HE did and and HE said.  Sure, it is hard, very hard in fact.  But trying our best is what we are called to do.  And every day we get a new chance to practice what we preach, and that is our love for our Lord and Savior!




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