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Courage Newsletter ~ February 2016
Message From Our Director

Dear Courage and EnCourage Family,

Christ’s peace to you.

We are happy to introduce this inaugural edition of our newsletter. In the central office, we want to use all of the means at our disposal to advance the Gospel and to build and strengthen our community. Desire of the Everlasting Hills and Invited to Courageous Love are among our recent efforts to expand the reach of the apostolate, so that we may share the joy, challenge, and suffering that compose the lives of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ…and so that we may share with the wider Church the experience and practical wisdom of Courage/EnCourage over 35 years.

This periodic newsletter will be another way for us to keep in touch. Ever since I first began attending the annual conference in 2003, I have always wanted to do more to sustain and promote the spirit of the conference throughout the year. This is one modest attempt to further that goal.

Now that we have five full-time employees in the central office, with another soon to join, we can take on more projects like this one. There are other things that we have in mind and will in time present to you. Please

Fr. Paul Check
Executive Director
be sure that I also want to develop ways to listen and respond to your suggestions and concerns, because I do not want this communication to be only one way. Our members and those affiliated with our apostolate have valuable insights and ideas that can serve many others.

We would be grateful if you would help us to increase our mailing list by inviting people to sign up.

With prayers and best wishes for a fruitful Lent,

Fr. Paul Check
Executive Director
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