Dads: 10 ways to save your son from homosexuality

  Two more, and they are the most important: Joseph Sciambra recovered, in part through the prayers of his father, from years immersed in a homosexual lifestyle and alienated from the Catholic Faith. He now writes extensively concerning the real-life issues of pornography, homosexuality, and the occult, particularly in the Read More


  Archbishop Charles Chaput hits another home run with his new book: Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World.  . This book is “A vivid critique of American life today and a guide to how Christians—and particularly Catholics–can live their faith vigorously, and even with Read More

How True!

  And so it is with each one of us!


Wherever Jesus goes, He exposes evil, and often encounters resistance.  It is a tenet of our faith that Satan and lesser devils exist. If you do not believe this, give it time. You do not have to look for proof; it will come to you, especially if you set about Read More

Be Of Good Courage

    Be of good courage      “Therefore, be of good courage. Let your heart be joyful, give yourself as completely as you can to God, banish any doubts, and tell God that you never wish consciously to do anything that would displease him. For the rest, do not Read More


. I used to love to joke around about this quote. I cannot even count how often have I said “do as I say not as I do?”  Little did I know that is exactly what Jesus meant! . Today we hear Jesus call out the chief priests and Pharisees.  As Read More


   Happy All Saints Day!   Today is the day we celebrate all those who paved the path to the Kingdom of Heaven for us.  Yes all of us who try our best to do His will each and every day of our lives. This is our chance to honor Read More

SSA, Humility, God’s Will, and Marriage

  Our very good friend Dan Mattson penned another fantastic article as it pertains to his life and what he experiences.  This tale gives us a unique insight to some questions you and I would seem as harmless but would cause consternation to others, especially those who choose to live Read More