St. Joan de Lestonnac was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1556. She married at the age of seventeen. The happy marriage produced four children, but her husband died suddenly in 1597. After her children were raised, she entered the Cistercian monastery at Toulouse. Joan was forced to leave the Cistercians Read More

Understanding Same-Sex Attraction and Christian Life

12 Keys to Understanding Same-Sex Attraction and Christian Life   Let’s start out by saying that when we talk about same-sex attraction, what’s important is acceptance and tolerance. We aren’t talking about “tolerating” others as if there was a fundamental distinction between them and us. We are only talking about Read More

“Coming out” at Christmas:

“Coming out” at Christmas: A pastoral response to parents   Priests, deacons and pastoral ministers should be prepared, especially at this time of year, to encounter parents who have just received this news from their children, and are looking to the Church for answers and support. How can we help Read More


  9 Days of Prayer for Purity and Chastity   The battle for chastity is a battle for virtue. It is a struggle against three powerful enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil. In this struggle, all available weapons must be utilized, and chief among them is prayer.   Read More

Raising the Identity and Profile of Courage in your Diocese

    Over the next few issues of the Courage newsletter, we will be addressing a number of issues relating to working with your Diocese and raising the profile of Courage in your community. Two of the most basic steps in this process are establishing regular communication with a contact Read More