Always Remember

  This is our motto to our loved ones afflicted with Same-Sex Attraction. God  Bless !!

Fighting the demons of regret

 Fighting the demons of regret. (Mt 19:26) ​Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings this is impossible, but for God all ​​things are possible.”   I think I am beginning to understand two church teachings. The first is there are many demons. One of the signs of holiness Read More

Stay Strong In Your Beliefs

Every so often I am reminded of how much I run counter to popular culture.  Many times I feel I am the only one who is willing to uphold the teachings of my faith.  Family and friends tell me how out of touch I am. They ask what is the Read More

Woman Caught In Adultery: Why is it relevant?

  Saint John’s gospel tells us of the woman accused of adultry.  The Scribes and Pharisees want Jesus to judge her, especially in their favor. Ahh the foolish men!  How long do they need to be around our Lord to know they will not outwit him?     We all Read More

Today’s Gospel Sunday March 6

      Sometimes there is a gospel passage that just always resonates with me.  Today most certainly is one.   As my spiritual life develops, I love to research the greats when it comes to homilies.  Nothing better than to get the wise words of a Timothy Cardinal Dolan Read More

How EnCourage is Like The Parable of the Prodical Son

I was siting around thinking about what to write today when I heard Fr.Leonard proclaim the gospel on the televised mass on EWTN.  Since I need work on my homiletics, I started thinking about this excerpt from scripture (Luke 15: 11-32).  How very much like the waiting father are we, Read More

Is There Anyone More Succinct?

“Lenten practices of giving up pleasures are good reminders that the purpose of life is not pleasure. The purpose of life is to attain to perfect life, all truth and undying ecstatic love – which is the definition of God. In pursuing that goal we find happiness. Pleasure is not Read More

GOD Accept Me As I Am

During lent we are called to follow in the 40 days of Christ as we best can.  When we were innocent and a child the huge sacrifice was to abandon chocolate.  As we got older, we may have even forgone any Lenten offering.  Through it all, God is with us, Read More

Dealing with same-sex attraction

    Persons who struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA) are often falsely told by society that the Church rejects them. Because of this confusion, many bear a great resentment against the Church, but Jesus and his Church never reject a repentant sinner. No one who calls on Christ for mercy Read More

Bishop Barron on

In my opinion, this video by Fr. Robert Barron is the most brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression on behalf of Catholic sexuality I’ve ever seen.  Please take a look for yourself.